Who am I

Well, as the Blog’s name suggest, I am the Nerd from the IT department, the guy who you call when the Outlook is not working, when you can’t access to the company network or the one who plugs and sintonizes the TV, because this is how it works for the people outside the IT world, everything connected to the wall plug, is concerned to the IT guys.

I’ve working as a SysAdmin since 2007, mainly with Microsoft and Linux Servers, Microsoft workstations, networking, etc. everything concerned with computers or things that work with electricity mainly.

Lately, I’ve been digging into the future (and present) technologies as I have been taking some certifications for Microsoft Azure, such as AZ-900, DP-900 (the basics, cost free) and the AZ-104, which tells the world that I have serious knowledge about cloud computing with Microsoft Azure, so let’s play with the toys Microsoft gives us (in exchange for a good monthly fee).

So, basically, I am a tech enthusiast who wants to share the things I learn.